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South Park Trivia for April, 2014

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Welcome to the South Park Trivia page where each month we will be posting new information or trivia about the park.

The following information about the natural history of South Park is courtesy of John Doyle, Park Naturalist.

Thank you John!

  • Ages of the oldest trees in the park: 200-300 years old (mostly Oak)
  • Largest carnivore seen in the park: Black Bear (uncommon)
  • Largest bird: Great Blue Heron
  • Largest turtle: Snapping Turtle
  • Only poisonous snake: Copperhead (very uncommon)
  • Mushrooms of South Park : At least 75 species of wild mushrooms (10+ poisonous, even deadly), including -
    • Aminita
    • Coral
    • Deadly Galerina
    • Horse
    • Jack-O-Lantern
    • Meadow
    • Oyster
    • Sheephead
    • Sulfur Tuft
    • Sulfur Shelf

  • Wildflowers of South Park : At least 150 species of wildflowers, of which over 100 are native, including -
    • Canada Lily
    • Carolina Spring Beauty
    • Spikenard
    • Solomon's Seal
    • Spotted Wintergreen
    • Trillium
    • Trout Lily
    • Turtlehead
    • Waterleaf
    • Yellow Corydalis

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Last Updated 03/25/2014