Friends of South Park-Allegheny County Parks
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South Park Winter Wonderland Photo Gallery

If you would like us to include your photos of our beautiful park in the winter, or of you or your family enjoying the snow, please email your photo in .jpg format to When you click on the link above, it will open your email program and you'll then be able to attach a .jpg file and send it to us.

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Corrigan Drive 01/26/15
Pond and Gazebo 01/26/15
Maple Springs 01/26/15
Leading the Feathered Troops on a Walk
Nice Shoes! They're the Same Color as Me!
A Busy Day With Grandpa and Grandma Goose Supervising
A Sunny Day on Sunny Slope
Waiting for Spring
Sledding, President's Day, 2014
Frozen World
Near West Virginia Grove
Gumdrop Gazebo
Snow-Covered Pines
Color Against the Snow
Clock Building and Fairgrounds
Ice Cream Cone Wall
Some Local Residents
Sledding at Sunny Slope
Gazebo in January
Oliver Miller Homestead
Cabin at the Oliver Miller Homestead
Can You Spot the Snowman?
Near the Vale of Cashmere

Autumn Photo Gallery

Last Updated 01/27/2015