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Meet Sharon Brooks - Friend of South Park

The Friends of South Park are proud to honor Sharon Brooks as a "Friend of the Month." 

Sharon and Students at the Ronald McDonald House

Sharon is an ice-skating instructor at the South Park ice skating rink.

We'd like to share with you Sharon's coaching and skating accomplishments over the years:


  • Director of the Figure Skaing Lesson Program at South Park since 2003
  • Over 35 years of professional coaching experience
  • U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist in 1978
  • Professional Skaters Association Master Rated Coach for over 30 years (she passed the exam in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1983)
  • Current CER category A Member of USFS, PSA, and ISI
  • Skate Technician for Skate America International in 2004
I performed in the US Steel Christmas Festival for 2 years at the US Steel building in Pittsburgh (we skated above the fountain where they built a small rink for us) It was so cool with the US Steel live Orchestra playing our music…one of my very favorite skating memories….I remember crying when it was over because I didn’t want it to end. I met so many wonderful people and it was such a great experience!"

I’ve choreographed for many local shows and competitions over the years. One of my favorites being the live orchestra holiday ice show at Mt Lebanon. I enjoy the combination of live music and skating!!

Traveled all over the US to skating conventions and seminars to keep current because there’s always something to learn…and new people to meet.

I formed the very first High School Figure Skating Team in PA this season with the help of the USFS and Bethel Park Recreation Center. South Park Ice Rink has been a nice meeting place for these high school skaters. Next month, we will be attending the very first National event for High School Figure Skating teams across the country. My mom would be so happy to see the schools finally recognizing Figure Skating as a sport….I know she’s going to be cheering us on from heaven!! The Western PA HSFS Team recently visited the Ronald McDonald house to make dinner for the families there. It was a wonderful experience for them, and they are looking forward to returning this summer to have a cook out for the families….and maybe plant some flowers there too.

Here are some goals my skaters have achieved:
  • Qualified for U.S. Sectionals and U.S. Nationals
  • USFS Gold Medalists
  • Qualified for Ice Capades, Disney on Ice, and an ice show in Japan
  • Directors of skating programs
  • Becoming Coaches and their students having successful and high achievements…and passing along the passion of figure skating to the next generations.
  • A former student qualified for the 2006 Olympics for the US in Italy. This was very cool when the media contacted me to talk about when she was training with me here locally (before she moved to the Olympic training centers). She has a wonderful family. Her mom brought her to the rink everyday, and she worked very hard to reach her goals. We are staying connected through Facebook now since she doesn’t live in this area.
I love receiving the Christmas cards with the photos of their families, children, animals…and seeing them doing well in their adult lives. Watching my current skaters enjoy skating, improving, and working hard is very rewarding!! And most of all I was blessed with dedicated parents and coaches that allowed me to follow my passion and do everything they could to help me reach my goals and dreams….Thank you MOM and DAD!!!

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Submitted by Sharon Brooks

Some of Sharon's students at the Ice Show in South Park Some of our western Pennsylvania high school figure state skating team girls recently prepared dinner for the Ronald McDonald house
This is our first ever high school figure skating team in the state of Pennsylvania...The Western PA High School Figure Skating Team

Last Updated 03/22/2015