Friends of South Park-Allegheny County Parks
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Meet Jim Converse - Friend of South Park

The Friends of South Park are proud to honor Jim as “Friend of Spring/Summer” for all of the work he has done within the community.

Jim has served admirably as co-chair of the Friends of South Park while simultaneously fulfilling his duties as Treasurer for many years.

In addition to working full-time as a busy surveyor for Converse Surveying and managing six employees, he is always ready to volunteer for any function (i.e., fundraising, events in the park, Community Day, political campaigns, Montour Trail surveying) and is a devoted advocate of the park.

Some of Jim's many community activities include:

  • Serving as the previous co-Chair of the South Park Friends
  • Serving as treasurer of the South Park Friends
  • On the Engineering Advisory Board for Point Park College
  • On the Engineering Advisory Board for CCAC South Hills
  • Committee man in Election District 6 for The Democratic Party of South Park Township
  • Member of the Committee that developed the Allegheny County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance that was published in June of 1998

On a personal note, Jim has been involved in surveying since he was 13 years old. His father was an engineer and surveyor for Allegheny County and worked for himself part-time doing surveying. He taught Jim the trade. They would go out into a field and Jim's father showed him how to draw up survey plans, as well as to do field work. Surveying has been a life-long passion!

Congratulations Jim and thank you for all you do.

Last Updated 09/31/2015