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Presley Raises Funds for Game Preserve

Going to the South Park Game Preserve was nothing new to 10-year-old South Park resident, Presley Oliphant. Yet despite being there countless times, it was during a visit this past February that Presley began thinking about the deterioration of the preserve. She told her parents, Joe and Sara-Summer, that she doesn't feel the current conditions are a suitable home for the many ducks, bison and lone peacock. Her parents challenged Presley to do something to make a change happen.

She has spent the last four months taking that challenge very seriously, and on June 19, presented the Friends of South Park with the first donation courtesy of her fundraising efforts. The check for $575 was a result of t-shirt sales as well as donations made by some of the 1,150 followers she has on her Facebook page, Save the South Park Game Preserve.

At the presentation she updated the Friends organization with the efforts which enabled her to raise the money. The text of her presentation is presented below.

I would like to start by thanking you for inviting me to update the Friends of South Park on my efforts with the Game Preserve.

On Saturday, March 30, I held an Easter Egg Hunt at the Children's Playground to raise awareness and try to get more young people involved in what I am doing. We ended up with around 800 eggs. Thank you to Linda Hedderman for donating some of the eggs for the hunt. I thought 800 would be enough since I only announced the hunt a couple of days before. I was wrong. Close to 100 children came and all of the eggs were gone in 2 minutes! We also provided free refreshments after the hunt and had T-shirts on sale. (In fact we sold out of T-shirts that day.) I would like to do this activity again next year; but have it planned out better. Just from this free event, we raised around $200 in T-shirt sales and donations. On Sunday, May 5, I had a table set up at the South Park Elementary Center vendor fair. I also plan on getting a table for South Park Community Day. One of the things I hope to accomplish by these events is to get more people involved and sign up for my monthly newsletter. I hope to have my first newsletter out later this month.

I have been invited to speak at the Statewide Conference on Heritage this July being held here in Pittsburgh. On Wednesday, July 17, there is a Young Voices session. I will be sharing why this project is important to me and what changes I would like to see happen at the Game Preserve. I am excited and nervous for this opportunity. I was also invited to participate in their evening reception on the Gateway Clipper to meet other people with similar interests and share ideas. I would love to come back to a Friends of South Park meeting and share my presentation with you after I present at the conference.

So far we have sold 75 T-shirts, I do have some here with me today if anybody is interested. I am very happy and proud to have a check with me tonight to give to the Friends of South Park for the Game Preserve for $575.

She "officially" presented the check to County Executive Rich Fitzgerald on Wednesday, June 26 at the Game Preserve and personally explained to him what she would like to have done at the Game Preserve. She has set up a facebook page and anyone interested in her project should visit her page (

She has even enlisted the services of a professional restoration company in the Township to help on the project and has a commitment from Lowes for material for the project. If you would like to buy one of her T-shirts for $15, please go to her web site at


Last Updated 111/20/2013