Friends of South Park-Allegheny County Parks
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Citizen's Request for Service

If you see a problem within the park that you would like assistance with, you can submit a Citizen's Request for Service work order. 

Instructions for submitting a Citizen's Request for Service:

  1. Click here to open this document in Word format.
  2. Fill out the form by typing your information directly into the Word document.
  3. When you are finished typing in your information, save the .doc to your PC or device and then send it as an email attachment to John DeFazio at the following email:   ( 
  4. You may also fax it to the Department of Public Works Call Center at: 412-350-5888 or call 412-350-2513.

NOTE:  The Parks Maintenance Request for Service number (412-350-2513) gets forwarded to the 911 center after 3:00 p.m., so plan to use it before that time of day for any non-emergency park requests.

NEW:  Download The Allegheny County PA App and you will be able to sign up and submit maintenance reports directly instead of calling the call center.


Last Updated 03/20/2018