Friends of South Park-Allegheny County Parks
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Chimney Swift Towers

You will see some new additions to the park this year.

The Audubon Society has installed five Chimney Swift Towers in the Park.

"Why is this tower here?

This tower gives Chimney Swifts a place to nest and roost.  Traditionally, these birds used large hollow trees.  As large trees disappeared, they began to use chimneys.  Now, modern chimneys  are often capped or made of slick metal, making it impossible for the birds to build a nest.  To learn more about Chimney Swifts and how you can help them, contact Audubon Society of Pennsylvania."

About Chimney Swifts

"Chimney Swifts are a familiar part of summer, and we want to keep it that way. 

These neotropical migrants spend most of their life on the wing, darting and dipping as they catch up to one third of their weight in insects each day.  They only land when they reach their nest or when they roost (spend the night).  Their feet are adapted to cling to the vertical surfaces on trees and chimneys, but their feet don't allow them to stand or walk.

Chimney Swifts are easily recognizable at dusk, when they gather in flocks, their body shape being described as "flying cigar."

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Last Updated 08/03/2021